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Here at Alex & Annie we are passionate about the life cycle of our products. We push for conscious consumerism, buying better, buying ethically and buying less. 
We are intentionally making a commitment to provide a luxury eco-conscious experience that you can trust. Ethics and environmental sustainability go hand in hand, and we pledge to act sustainably for our Earth, it’s resources and our people. 
Part of our pledge is to always know where your handmade items are made and to be sure they were crafted responsibly, meeting our standards of quality and integrity.
All of our items are designed by us in our studios in Cardiff & London with some being made in-house, and some manufactured elsewhere in the UK. We do source some items from overseas, however, they all meet our ethical standards.
We have direct contact with our factories in China, who supply their BSCI audits with merit. Products sourced from India are made in association with a charity that provides safe work for females and schooling for children. 
We believe that we should still pay into third world economies when sourced responsibly. 
All of our packaging is made from recycled materials or is widely recyclable.
Postal boxes: Full recyclable cardboard, made in the UK.
Tissue Paper: Eco-friendly acid free paper. soy-based inks, FSC certified. Either pop it in your recycling at home or re-use it for gifting or packing. 
Protective Filler: Wood wool is used to fill any voids, it is biodegradable and can be recycled with your garden waste. Or even save and re-use. 
Stickers: Printed in the UK on recycled papers. Fully recyclable. 
Stamp & Ink: Made in the UK and ink is vegan. 
Swing Tags: Printed in the UK on FSC certified paper and fully recyclable. Silk fabric dyed in the UK and ribbons made in-house.
Printed Postcards: Printed in the UK on recycled papers.